Public Workshops -

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Due to an increasing demand in the market for some of Finntaito’s flagship programs, Finntaito has launched a vertical called public workshops.
The Emerging Leaders Workshop
The entire concept of emerging leadership development is based on becoming a better person as a leader, and doing the right things and demonstrating the right behaviors as a leader.
Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence as a field of study is divided into Trait driven and Ability driven emotional Intelligence. This unique workshop packages these two aspects of emotional intelligence into a single power packed two day session.
Competency Based Interviewing Skills
The starting point to interviewing is for the interviewer to know what exactly is required for the job role under consideration and to be able to break this up in a manner that is measurable.
Developing and Using Coaching Skills
What a coach does in unique in the sense that he or she helps individuals reach their best selves and live higher quality lives by using certain tools and techniques to move from where they are to where they would like to be.
Strategic Thinking

Through this Strategic Thinking Workshop participants will come to understand that the core purpose of any strategy and reap the benefits in competitive advantage, better performance, reduced cost, higher turnover and flawless implementation.

Presentation Dynamics

The Presentation Dynamics Workshop is designed to systematically move the participants from the basics and essential skills and fundamentals of presentation skills to some of the more advanced presentation techniques.

Advanced Communication and Negotiation Skills

This workshop is designed to help individuals move the quality of their communication to the next level and also use communication and negotiation as tools to successfully navigate their way through corporate and personal life.

Self-Awareness and Behavioral Effectiveness

Most issues faced by individuals are related to their behavior. This workshop will also help participants develop the ability to capitalize on their behavioral strengths and take concrete steps to overcome their behavioral shortcomings.