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Finntaito understands that the while the technical dimension is an important dimension of any role in an organization, it is just one part of the whole story. The programs under this vertical focus precisely on developing the people skills and behavioral dimensions of success in any role.
These soft skills training programs can be conducted in different grades and different levels of intensity. Some of the simpler programs include areas like corporate etiquette and grooming, campus to corporate and time management. The absolute essentials of being in any organization. A slightly higher grade of programs would include programs like Customer Service, Goals Setting, positive mental attitude and effective listening. Finntaito also offers certain very niche programs that are targeted at the development of specific competencies like creativity, analytical skills, work life balance and accelerated learning.
Finntaito particularly specializes in creating custom made training programs that suit and cater to specific challenges and issues faced by individuals and teams at all levels. Customized programs are designed, developed and delivered based on the highly effective ADDIE model. The workshops conducted by Finntaito are solution focused and include a range of training methodologies such as role plays, group exercises, individual activities, videos, case studies, facilitation, discussions, etc.
Over 85 percent of the reason that someone gets a job, keeps that job and grows in that job is related to the person’s non-technical skills. Finntaito, having realized this has developed a number of programs that help individuals, teams and organizations achieve their desired results but also leverage their technical skills effectively through the development of the relevant soft skills.
Our Soft Skills Programs
Accelerated Learning
Achieving Personal Excellence
Analytical Skills
Business Etiquette and Professional Grooming
Coping with Stress for Personal Effectiveness
Creating a Service Mind-Set
Creativity and Being Innovative
Customer Service Orientation for Support Staff
Effective Listening Skills
Email and Telephone Etiquette
Finishing School (Campus to Corporate Program)
Goal Setting and Action Planning
Initiative, Accountability and Being Responsible for Success
Office and Dining Etiquette
Personal and Career Development
Personality Development Training Program
Positive Mental Attitude
Result-Orientation and Objective Setting
Sales Effectiveness for Support Staff
Self Esteem and Confidence Building
Time Management
Video Conferencing Etiquette
Work-Life Balance