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Company Values :

Subject matter expertise

The whole business is based on our employees a diverse and excellent expertise. We are always the most recent information sources. We want to preserve and develop knowledge base and contribute positively to society and masses

Achieving and Prospering Together

We aim to create long term relationship with our customers

Enthusiasm for creating new knowledge ecosystem

New and out of box thinking on continuous improvement to create new knowledge based ecosystem

Being Human, Being Green

Finntaito has adopted green policy its worldwide facilities. FinnTaito aims to provide consistent support to humanitarian causes across society in different levels.

Finntaitos Vision

Bring positive changes to lives of many people around the world; empower them with right skills, by means of simple use of new age technology.

Finntaitos Mission

Create new benchmark in skill assessment and competence development area by year 2016 . Empower 50 million people around the world with new set of tools and technologies (knowledge management) Our definition of success: Create ambience of success for masses and make them successful in their life