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Case studies

Case company # 1 : High Tech Internet solutions company from Europe

Finntaito trained professionals are innovative and have out of box thinking
“We see a diverse pool of talent. We recruit people with diverse backgrounds and knowledge. But all are geared to meet a common goal – to enhance the value of our customers.” We have credible success stories that points to strong Training and practical hands on experience already gained from Finntaito Lab. We are very surprised and amazed to see how proactive and out box approach they take at times to solve complex problems.


Analytically & technically sound, ability to think logically
Finntaito’s lab participants are very technical sound and posses high level of interpersonal and communications skills. That enables them to add substantial value to our projects and they make our customer stories successful every day.

Excellent Academia and Business world relationship based on trust
Both of us have created a win-win situation. We greatly value our relationship with Finntaito because it enhances the ‘brand equity’ of our recruitment process phenomenally. This value addition is priceless and hence of utmost importance.”

Finntaito delivered practical assessment practice and solution at our campus

Finntaito delivered QA and Mobility based training to our development team …EU company